TutorDerm Project

The main goal of TutorDerm project is to develop a medical simulator for use in education in the field of clinical and esthetic dermatology, using the Virtual Reality technology. The company’s product is designed to give users a chance to practice dermatological procedures, giving physicians, cosmetologists and students an opportunity to acquire essential experience even before they come into contact with patients.

Simulation is designed to give the impression of an immersion in both visual world and a tactile sensation by using parts of the phantom whose shape and proportions reflect those of a natural human body.

Physician’s work during these procedures is individual in nature. It is costly and requires time for practical preparation. Use of a simulator eliminates the issue of a lack of patients who would agree to participate in tests or to serve as learning subjects in various types of procedures.

During the simulation, the device will recreate the procedures and actions which have to be taken before, during and after a dermatological procedure (a simulator of angioma removal using a laser will be developed at first).

Procedures which will be implemented represent actual medical practice, including:


Compliance with work safety and hygiene regulations

Dialogue and completion of post-interview patient surveys

Preparation and configuration of the device (based on data collected during the interview)

Execution of the procedure using laser

Achievement of the final result, i.e. visible skin changes (e.g. eliminating redness, etc.)

Summarizing results of the procedure by the person who carried it out on the simulator (print-out, assessment of the procedure, etc.)

The stimulator under development will be commercialized and prepared for sale. Various versions of the simulator (new peripheral components portraying body parts and dedicated software to simulate treatment of specified aliments by the client) will be offered to domestic and international users.

Additionally, the system under development will be an excellent sales instrument for companies involved in the production of specialized medical devices. The company wants to get some of the leading medtech producers in its solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our technology.