About the market

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology (VR and IR) is gaining increasing importance in the development of contemporary medicine. Key factors driving the development of this market include increased spending on new technologies, constant development of health care based on IT solutions and the need for medical staff to acquire the necessary experience.

At present, the VR market in this segment is driven primarily by applications for surgery simulations and diagnostic imaging. The idea of using these opportunities to manage patient care, rehabilitation and health management is becoming increasingly popular.

Basic VR and AR applications in medicine also include training of medical personnel. The use of these technologies ensures better understanding of the anatomy and physiology and helps in complex procedures which require a high degree of precision. Experience gained on simulators may help improve medical skills and reduce the number of postoperative complications. It is expected that medical education using this technology will have a significant impact on the whole segment.

It is estimated that the value of VR and AR solutions in medicine totals approximately USD 569 m, with annual growth rates at 29.1%. At this pace, by 2025 the market is projected to grow to more than USD 5 bn.

The value of VR/AR market
Annual growth rate of the market for VR/AR solutions

Market analysis:


An increase in the significance of VR/AR technology for the development of contemporary medicine.

A strong need to educate medical personnel and teach proper habits, as well as to develop skills, particularly for procedures which require a high degree of precision

Growing demand for training of professional staff which carries out complex medical procedures, particularly in the field of esthetic dermatology.

Rapidly growing value of the market for VR/AR solutions in medicine (c. 29% growth y-o-y)

Source: Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in Healthcare Market Report, Grand View Research, 2017