InventionMed S.A. is an innovative Polish tech company listed on NewConnect and active in the medical segment.

InventionMed team has developed a globally innovative double immersion technology, which combines cyberspace with tactile perception. This technology gives users real perception, such as touch or resistance, using VR technology.

Presently, the company is focusing on the development of medical simulators based on VR technology for use in education in esthetic and clinical dermatology.

The flagship project developed by InventionMed is TutorDerm. It is a simulator and an application that lets users perform essential procedures needed for the treatment of specific skin aliments.

The simulator will be build from scratch using the innovative VR (Virtual Reality) technology.

Ultimately, the applications being prepared will help simulate many different clinical and dermatological procedures. Furthermore, these applications will be developed in different versions. Thanks to these efforts, the range of medical aliments simulated will be expanded to include new complications, giving users a chance to gain new experiences. New applications will be developed as needed, allowing users to simulate the treatment of specific, increasingly more complex and hard to treat medical aliments.


Non-invasive learning method


Training based on multiple scenarios


Opportunity to present and promote new products